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What is Oma-Gro®?

Oma-Gro® is a natural compost product made exclusively of grass clippings, leaves, and ground wood. These ingredients are scientifically blended with water and air to create the right environment for the microbes responsible for natural composting. Constant monitoring is performed on all composting materials to ensure a product of consistent high quality.

What will Oma-Gro® do for the soil?

Oma-Gro® is a high quality, humus rich, soil amendment that can be used to improve soils in the following ways:
  • Addition of plant usable nutrients
  • Increased water holding capacity of the soil
  • Addition of beneficial soil microorganisms
  • Increased soil porosity
  • Decreased bulk density

What will Oma-Gro® do for plants?

All plants will benefit from the use of Oma-Gro® in the following ways:
  • Increased health and vigor enabling the plant to better resist attacks from weeds and insects
  • Increased flower, fruit or vegetable production
  • Increased root and leaf development

Clopyralid® Notice

The broadleaf herbicide Clopyralid® (Pronounced: Clo-PEER-uh-lid and manufactured by Dow AgroSciences-LLC) has been found to be extremely persistent. Clopyralid is an active ingredient in more than a dozen herbicides. Some of the retail names for these products are Confront®, Millennium®, Stinger®, Reclaim®, Lontrel® and Transline®. Most products with Clopyralid are limited to the professional lawn care industry or agricultural uses.

This herbicide is so persistent that many compost operations are unable to break it down adequately. Caution is advised when applying compost from unknown sources to sensitive broadleaf plants (includes many garden vegetables and annual flowers). OmaGro is tested for the presence of Clopyralid and to date it has not been identified as a problem. OmaGro's long composting times (in excess of 15 months) and feedstock limited to residential lawns have limited OmaGro's exposure to Clopyralid. It is always the best advice to read, understand and follow label directions. Doing so with OmaGro will further protect your lawn and garden.

Many commercial-only herbicide blends contain high concentrations of Clopyralid. Grass clippings from lawns treated with these brands are the major source of Clopyralid contamination for yardwaste composting operations.

You can help by ensuring that your lawn service provider uses an herbicide that is Clopyralid-free. There are effective alternatives to Clopyralid that do not have the same residual affects. If found in an existing consumer product, at a minimum follow the label directions exactly and do not over apply. Additionally Douglas and Sarpy County residents may dispose of Clopyralid containing products at UnderTheSink (, the two county facility for disposing of household chemicals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clopyralid is not harmful to humans or animals at the levels detected in compost.

For further information, contact your Cooperative Extension Agent or contact Don at 444-3915 ext. 1127.

Other Useful Information:

  • Oma-Gro® is sold by the bag or in bulk (loose).
  • Each bag contains one cubic foot of Oma-Gro® compost and weighs approximately 40 pounds.
  • To equal one cubic yard, you will need 27 bags of Oma-Gro®.
  • Oma-Gro® is produced by the City of Omaha at its Composting Facility
    15705 Harlan Lewis Road
    Bellevue, NE 68123-5728
  • Funding for a portion of this project is provided in part by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Waste Reduction and Recycling Incentive Grants Program.
  • Oma-Gro® is a registered trademark of the City of Omaha, a Municipal Corporation.
  • A complete brochure about Oma-Gro and the retail outlets is available by clicking here. The brochure is in Adobe® Acrobat® format. A free viewer for Acrobat® is available by clicking here.