Recommended Application Rates

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Roger Swain long time host of The Victory Garden
Oma-Gro® is the natural choice for providing the nutrients that plants need for vigorous growth. Applied properly, Oma-Gro® will improve your soil's growing potential.

Roger Swain, long time host of the PBS series The Victory Garden, is a strong proponent of compost for all horticulture applications. Roger is shown here with a bag of Oma-Gro during a visit to the Omaha Home and Garden Expo.

Established Lawns
Aerate the lawn and broadcast spread Oma-Gro® approximately 1/8" to 1/4" deep (1-2 bags per 100 square feet) and water thoroughly. Repeat spring and fall on cool season lawns.

New Lawns (prior to seeding)
Apply a 1" layer (8 bags per 100 square feet) of Oma-Gro® over the area to be seeded and till in to a depth of 4" to 6".

Flower and Vegetable Gardens
Apply a 1" to 2" layer (8-16 bags per 100 square feet) of Oma-Gro® over the entire area to be tilled and mix into the soil.

Trees and Shrubs
Apply a 1" to 2" layer of Oma-Gro® on the surface of the ground in a radius not to exceed the drip line of the plant. For best results, aerate prior to application.

House Plant Potting Mix
(used by the Hanscom Park Greenhouse)
Mix thoroughly
(amounts listed by volume)
6 parts Oma-Gro®
3 parts top soil
2 parts peat moss
1 part sand or vermiculite.

Note: Oma-Gro is somewhat alkaline. It may be necessary to add aluminum sulfate or some other form of water soluable acidifier in potting mixes for pH sensitive plants.

Excel IconThis Microsoft Excel spread sheet computes the amount of OmaGro you will need for your application.

A complete brochure about Oma-Gro and the retail outlets is available by clicking here. The brochure is in Adobe® Acrobat® format. A free viewer for Acrobat® is available by clicking here.